Ryan Downing Robotics Engineer

About Me

I am a robotics and mechanical engineer in the aerospace industry. I am also interested in mechatronics, microcontrollers, embedded systems, IoT devices, software, and web-development.

PersWiFiManager »

Arduino Microcontroller Library for ESP8266-based Microcontrollers

C++ · Arduino · HTML5 · JavaScript

A persistent WiFi configuration library for ESP8266 chips on the Arduino platform, that allows for the construction of IoT devices that can act as webservers with or without a local WiFi connection. WiFi settings can be adjusted on the fly.

Robot Bug-Algorithm Simulator »

Web-based robotic motion-planning/maze-solving algorithm simulator

HTML · JavaScript · jQuery
Just for fun. A simple, in-browser svg-based robot simulator. It allows you to draw obstacles and re-position the robot or goal, then run the right-turn rule or two different bug algorithsms to see if the robot can get to the goal. A re-build from scratch of something I did in C++ a while back.

RTOS Lab project on ARM MSP432

January 12, 2018

ARM · RTOS · C · Assembly
I’ve worked my way through an online course/lab that involves building an RTOS from scratch in C, on an ARM microcontroller. I got to learn a lot more about real-time... (read more)

3D Printer MK8 Extruder Heat Block Modification

December 20, 2017

3D printing · RepRap
My RepRap-style 3D printer was having an issue with the hot-end thermocouple not making a solid contact with the block, sometimes even slipping out of place completely. Originally it was... (read more)