3D Printer MK8 Extruder Heat Block Modification

December 20, 2017

tags: 3D printing · RepRap

My RepRap-style 3D printer was having an issue with the hot-end thermocouple not making a solid contact with the block, sometimes even slipping out of place completely. Originally it was pressed into a hole and held in place with shrink-wrap.

I had to strip the shrink-wrap away to replace a faulty heating element, but the thermocouple was loose afterwards. Luckily, the hole the thermocouple went in was threaded. I drilled a second hole of roughly the same diamter around the corner, perpendicular to the threaded one, and inserted the thermocouple there. Then, I used a spare bolt as a set screw to gently clamp the thermocouple in place, and it’s been stable ever since.