Via Arduino IDE Library Manager

Sketch -> Include Library -> Manage Libraries… -> search for “PersWiFiManager” Arduino Library Manager screen

Via ZIP File

Download zip file and extract to Arduino/libraries folder

How to Use

The wifi.htm can be uploaded to SPIFFS using the Arduino ESP8266 filesystem uploader. Alternatively, the library can be modified to serve the page from PROGMEM instead, by adding the following line to PersWiFiManager.cpp


For a quick and easy way to serve files from SPIFFS, see my SPIFFSReadServer library.

The PersWiFiManager object should be declared in the same scope as the servers, which are passed as arguments in the constructor.

ESP8266WebServer server(80);
DNSServer dnsServer;
PersWiFiManager persWM(server, dnsServer);

Then in setup, the begin() function should be called.

void setup() {


Since the captive DNS server redirects to the root page, the user should make sure their index page or "/" handler provides a link to "/wifi.htm"

Another option is to have a custom user interface that can make use of the same "/wifi/..." server handlers.