RTOS Lab project on ARM MSP432

January 12, 2018

ARM · RTOS · C · Assembly
I’ve worked my way through an online course/lab that involves building an RTOS from scratch in C, on an ARM microcontroller. I got to learn a lot more about real-time... (read more)

3D Printer MK8 Extruder Heat Block Modification

December 20, 2017

3D printing · RepRap
My RepRap-style 3D printer was having an issue with the hot-end thermocouple not making a solid contact with the block, sometimes even slipping out of place completely. Originally it was... (read more)

ESP Remote Firmware Update & New Library Idea

December 18, 2017

ESP8266 · Arduino
I recently discovered that the Arduino OTA (over the air) library has a function to update firmware via the web. It also has an optional parameter for a version string.... (read more)

New Website Theme

November 29, 2017

HTML5 · CSS · Jekyll · bootstrap · responsive web design
After revamping the website for PersWiFiManager and becoming more familiar with Jekyll, Bootstrap, and responsive web design. I decided to try something more ambitious for my own page. I found... (read more)

Share Buttons Demo / Live Preview

November 20, 2017

I just revamped the PersWiFiManager website, and I wanted to make a set of buttons for sharing pages on it. I wanted it to be simple and modular so I... (read more)

Robot Simulator Part 2 - CCD

November 16, 2017

inverse kinematics · Scara robot · AngularJS · Cyclic Coordinate Descent
I started experimenting with the Cyclic Coordinate Descent algorithm. CCD is an iterative approach to inverse kinematics that works like this: Repeat the following until the robot endpoint is within... (read more)

Robot Simulator Part 1 - Jacobian

November 13, 2017

inverse kinematics · Scara robot · AngularJS · Jacobian
I work with industrial robots almost every day and I’m familiar with how they operate, but I wanted to see if I could recreate that functionality on my own, from... (read more)

I Made a Website

November 10, 2017

Jekyll · Liquid · Sass
After making a few simple sites on github pages to document some of my projects, I wanted to make a site to display them all together. First I learned about... (read more)